Sport for Fitness: Tips from Katie Williams

Katie Williams is a 22-year old young woman from the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, that is a former world youth champion and current open Australian champion in the beach flags sprint event as part of surf lifesaving. As such, she is a driven, determined athlete and a great role model for anyone looking to get the best out of themselves in the sporting arena, either professionally or socially. Katie stopped by to share her top sporting and fitness tips with Sport Has No Gender:

katie“When playing sport for a fitness or development goal, do it for yourself so you can be the best version of you! I’m not saying if it’s a team sport to go out there and be selfish or lack teamwork, but just be aware of the goals you have set for yourself and strive to achieve them the best way possible in a team environment.”

“Write yourself some motivational self affirmations, to stay motivated. Whether it’s feeling up to exercising or eating well, our mental game will determine our successes.”

“Use sport as a chance to exercise with friends, and often having people around you will motivate you more than just participating by yourself. If you are just playing sport socially in no competition or anything, try and change the session up each week, as our bodies thrive on change and its good to keep the body & mind guessing. If you’re fully engaged with one sport, just mix up your training to get the best results.”

“Use a diary or journal to record sessions and plan future sessions, which will help you to realise what you enjoy best and what your body enjoys doing. For those more serious, also adding in food intake is a great to monitor nutritional needs & keep an eye on what foods agree or disagree with you. I have certain foods that work wonders with my body & I use them to my advantage on race day.”

“Plan your week around your training, make training a priority and stick to your personal promises, this will give you a sense of accomplishment.”

“Invest in a good Heart rate monitor, its a great to track your fitness adaptations, & keeps your motivated watching your heart rate decrease as your fitness level increase.”

Katie’s tips will help young women everywhere get involved with sport and harness its benefits, as well as motivating you to achieve any fitness or development goal you may have. For more information on Katie’s successes and upcoming events as she prepares for an illustrious open world title in 2016, please check out ‘The Mermaid Society’ blog in which she is promoted and an active contributor, at

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1 Response to Sport for Fitness: Tips from Katie Williams

  1. Willis says:

    Great role model & inspiration to up n coming beach sports participants. Not to mention a role model for young girls. Spare us the fashion wannabes and selfie queens!


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