Why Sport will help Women in the Workforce

The existing business model is a male model of organisational structure and human relationships. Males learn the rules of human organisations and interactions from sport. Sport is one of the most important socio-cultural learning environments in our society and now that women are finally being recognised for more achievements and an increased role across the board in the sporting arena, they can use sport to their advantage in the workforce.

Right now however, women who don’t know the written and unwritten rules of sport are at a disadvantage in understanding business models of organisation based on sport. How important is it that our daughters learn the same rules as our sons? It’s critical. The most important of those rules are:

  1. Teams are chosen based on people’s strengths and competencies rather than who is liked or disliked.
  2. Successful players are skilled in practicing the illusion of confidence.
  3. Errors are expected of people who are trying to do new things. The most important thing is never make the same mistake twice.
  4. Loyalty to your teammates is very important.
  5. “I will” equals “I can”
  6. In a hierarchical organisation, your boss (the head coach) gives the orders and the employees (players) follow the head coach’s instructions.

All of these factors become important when transferring skills from the sporting arena to the workforce. Whether it’s overcoming failure, understanding your role within an organisation and working amongst a team, playing to your strengths and staying loyal to those you work and play with, these will all place you in good stead to have a productive working career. With the help of sport either competitively or for recreation, women will be able to further harness these skills and transfer them seamlessly into their 9-5 life. Another reason why sport is so important for women.

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