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Australia Honours its Female Sporting Champions

The Establishment in Sydney was the scene for the Women’s Health I Support Women in Sports Awards ceremony over the weekend. Successful female athletes from across the country were in attendance to see who would take home Sportswoman of the … Continue reading

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Top 3 Barriers to Sport for Women and Solutions

Confidence is very important to instill in young girls and it is a quality many female athletes exemplify both in and outside of their sport. Sports build leadership and teach girls how to work together as a team. Both social … Continue reading

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No Money Back Special on this Statistic

In a contemporary society that constantly yearns for further equality across all facets of life, here is a question for you: Q: Which of the following received more media coverage between 2012-2015? Horse Racing or All Women’s Sport Combined? Any … Continue reading

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What’s All This Then?

Sport Has No Gender. What do I mean by Sport Has No Gender? Well, I’m talking about the fact that a report compiled for the Australian Sports Commission revealed a stark difference between both male and female sporting coverage and … Continue reading

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