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Why Sport will help Women in the Workforce

The existing business model is a male model of organisational structure and human relationships. Males learn the rules of human organisations and interactions from sport. Sport is one of the most important socio-cultural learning environments in our society and now … Continue reading

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Top 3 Barriers to Sport for Women and Solutions

Confidence is very important to instill in young girls and it is a quality many female athletes exemplify both in and outside of their sport. Sports build leadership and teach girls how to work together as a team. Both social … Continue reading

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Sport for Fitness: Tips from Katie Williams

Katie Williams is a 22-year old young woman from the northern beaches of Sydney, Australia, that is a former world youth champion and current open Australian champion in the beach flags sprint event as part of surf lifesaving. As such, … Continue reading

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5 Benefits of Playing Sport for Under-18 Females

It is common knowledge that regular participation in physical activity is beneficial for anyone’s mind, body and spirit. But for young women in Australia, where sporting participation is at a decline, their daily dose of endorphins are either coming from … Continue reading

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